Mindful Space

Reserve our Mindful Space to book events, lunch & learns, or any private gatherings in need of a polished and private space. With two full washrooms, a kitchen, and rooftop access, this space fits 30 people comfortably. Prices start from $120/hour, and can be reserved for full or half days. Please note this space has its own private entrance and is not wheelchair accessible.

Main Floor

For greater occupancy, our Main Floor is a great space to host larger events. Coupled with four washrooms and a full kitchen, we’ve set you up for success from the very start. Rentals start from $750, and reservations are available in the evenings from 6-11pm on weekdays. Alternatively, you can rent out the space out on weekends from 9-5pm, priced at $1000 per day. We’re happy to offer our selection of partners to utilize upon request.

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